Bridger | A Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Dog

Improve the Health of Golden Retrievers

60% of Golden Retrievers develop some form of cancer. We are going to change that.

Fin | A Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Dog

Eliminate Canine Cancer through Better Science

Enroll your dog and be a part of veterinary medical history.

A Golden Opportunity to Fight Cancer

We’re looking for a few good pups—3,000 to be exact—to be part of the most groundbreaking study ever undertaken to improve the lives of dogs. Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study tracks volunteer dogs’ health for life in order to gain insights into preventing and treating cancer and other canine diseases.

  • Be Part of History
    This is the largest and longest study ever conducted to advance veterinary medicine for dogs.
  • Help Determine Risk Factors for Canine Diseases
    The genetic, environmental and nutritional data from participating dogs will help us learn how to prevent cancer and other canine diseases.
  • Improve the Health of Future Generations
    What is learned from the Golden Retrievers in the study will give all dogs a brighter, healthier future.